Meal prep may seem difficult if you’ve never tried it. Even if you’ve tried it, the first few times can be time consuming and discouraging. Don’t lose hope! Meal prep, when done efficiently, can make your week so much easier and even be relaxing and enjoyable. Here are a few tips to make the best of it. 🙂

1. Planning

It’s absolutely essential to plan in advance your meals for the week to be able to prepare them quickly on the day of the prep. I recommend using a weekly calendar like this :


I also like to prepare my calendar and grocery list on Saturday night while watching a movie or chilling out, you can search up some new recipes you want to try out and that way, it cuts the work in half and doesn’t feel so long the day of prep.

2. Don’t Try Too Many New Recipes At Once

I usually try 1 to 2 new recipes a week. The rest of the week are all recipes that are quick, easy and healthy that I’ve tried in the past. Trying a new recipe is always fun, but it’s a lot more time consuming. Build a solid base slowly but surely by trying one new recipe a week and adding it to your “regulars” if it’s good.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Use A Lot Of Containers

Portioning meals into different containers can seem like a lot of work…and a lot of dishes. It is so worth it though because you make sure everything is well portioned and easy to grab and go, especially for snacks where we have a tendency to take the whole bag and eat way more than we are supposed to. You also feel kinda awesome when you open up your fridge and everything is clean and organized, but maybe im just crazy hehe.



4. Even The Smallest Thing Counts

Try and prep whatever you can. Even the smallest thing can make a difference like cutting vegetables in advance for your different side dishes this week and storing them in an airtight container.


5. What I Like To Do

I always plan to have at least one “one-sheet” oven roasted recipe. It’s very simple and you can cook a whole meal with just one sheet. You get to experiment with different spices, meats and veggies so it never gets old.


I also recommend baking one healthy protein filled snack for the week to avoid those muffin/cookie cravings. Here are a few ideas :






Here are a few of my favourite recipes for meal prep. A lot of them I get from recipe books, but these ones are available online.

Blueberry lemon zucchini muffins — Right here on my blog

Roasted Chickpeas — Trois fois par jour

Zucchini lasagna rolls — Skinny Taste

Mason Jar salads — Daily Burn

Don’t be afraid to explore and try out new things yourself. Try prepping meals with your loved ones, you’ll see it can be quite a relaxing and fun activity. Let me know what are your tips for meal prep in the comments below ! 🙂



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